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About us - Meet the Team

Colin Hill

Colin Hill (Big Boss)

As a young man all I ever wanted to do was ride horses. Having ridden a number of difficult horses I was encouraged to work out why they were naughty. In the mid 70s I discovered that equine dental care was an art performed normally by the blacksmith that had been lost during the war and until the 1950s. I was taught my initial craft from two old blacksmiths " Sam Fryer & an ex army major farrier " Reg Hollingshead". I established a small business in the North of England during the 70's but re located to the Thames Valley in 1981 and after a short period I was introduced to the late Sir Peter Scott Dunn who had always been a very eminent vet in the area. Due to his recommendation my business expanded dramatically over the coming years. I have always taken great interest in the development of the industry always keeping up with the latest techniques and modern day equipment. I am a founder member of the British Association of Equine Dental Technicians and was involved in the development of the examination process. Now in my twilight years I still love my job and all the things that go with it. I spend a great deal of my time now training students and working out of my purpose built dental facility at home.

adrian thorne technitian

Adrian Thorne

When I was still in nappies much of my time was spent on top of ponies and this continued into my working life. For a number of years I was lucky enough to have a very successful livery and training establishment. During this time I focused on producing and training young horses. I also had a number of event horses throughout this period competing at various levels. This came to a natural end but I was still desperate to stay working with my four legged friends. This was when a mutual friend of both Mine and Colin's introduced us and the rest is history!! I began my career as an Equine Dental Technician at "The American School Of Equine Dentistry". From that day forward I only have Colin to thank for the endless hours of time AND MONEY he has invested in getting me where I am today. I have since successfully passed both the theory and practical elements of the BEVA Exam and am now a full member of the BAEDT and love every minute of my job!! I am now heavily involved in the day to day running of the business so that Colin can have a slightly easier life after many years of physical abuse by horses!!!!

Sophie Eley

Sophie Eley

At a very young age it was Mum I have to thank for introducing me to horses. I would have riding lessons on a weekly basis and throughout my school years attended Horse Rangers. I always knew I wanted to base my career around horses but wasn't quite sure in what area. The penny finally dropped when I visited a friend whilst her dental technician was treating her horses.....from that day forward equine dentistry became my focus. I graduated from Hartpury University with a BSc (hons) Equine Dental Science in 2011. I then started my practical training with Colin and Adrian and sat my practical BEVA Exam in March 2015. I was delighted to pass and also to become a member of the BAEDT.